LOVE Shouldn't Hurt- Community Event


Imani's Creations & Entertainment, Inc.

 Imani encourages you to please SHARE with Someone , SUPPORT &/or be Empowered  by the Works and  Healing Mission of W.A.R.M...

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LOGO- W.A.R.M- We All Really Matter 

Raising Awareness in the Community about Issues of Domestic Violence

Mon,MAY 23, 2011   6pm-8pm



HEART- Healing




W.A.R.M Support Group welcomes:

a SURVIVOR'S Story    presenting




Goddard Riverside Community Center

140 W. 140th ST (Lenox & 7th)



other Upcoming Dates of W.A.R.M Events:

    May 23::: June 27 ::: July 25 ::: Aug 29 




Make My Cake* Pathmark* Carol's Daughter* Jacob's 

Light Refreshments Will Be Served



For More Info CLICK on Link Below or Visit:


or Call Stephanie McGraw. (Founder) 


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FACEBOOK: Get PAID & Socialize in SUCCESS$$$!!!


The 1209 Yacht Affair- CLIP



Did you know that FaceBook right now is worth over $50,000,000,000- Billion dollars?!! that's right!

Well, IMAGINE, out of that $50,000,000,000- Billion dollars of their right now monetary value, FaceBook, out of gratitude for you contributing to it's incresing value is willing to pay you 50% of it's revenues & 10% directly to YOUR charity(ies) of choice EACH & EVERY MONTH?! Could that help anyone you know in our communities? (Example: if you have 100 friends in facebook, you & they can earn $100 p/mth, or if 2,000 friends can earn $2,000 per month, and so on.  Plus your/our 501(c)3 organization/charity of choice gets 10%  monthly of that monthly also once you've simply made that selection. There is NO limit, no catch, it's WIDE OPEN) In addition you will access more feature rich resouces to enhance & expand your online experience & communications!  So, it this of any interest to you?  Especially for doing EXACTLY WHATEVER you DO NOW, nothing different from the way you (or someone who helps you) already socializes now with friends, family &/or just to promote your businesses/events/services, etc.?  If so, please view  this brief video ASAP!  Either way it's truly worth your time! To view  CLICK HERE NOW!  or visit  http://theSocialNetworkRevolution.com...


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The 1209 Yacht Affair- CLIP




Imagine that if out of the $50,000,000,000- Billion dollars that Face book is worth now, it's now offering to pay you, me & our friends to socialize as we do now, promoting our events, our businesses, daily activities, likes, etc., plus give 10% of that $50 Billion as donations to our favorite charities &  501C3 Organizations of our choice, could that make a difference in our community? All while protecting our privacy, our intellectual property is 100% ensured, NOT to ever sold or face-jacked?!  Well... I'm extremely excited about this and how it fell into my lap, as answer & confirmation to a vision, and if you feel & see the good in it as I do, when you see for yourself HOW beautiful this is before I give you my link in how we connect  CLICK HERE!    or VISIT: http://thesocialnetworkrevolution.com/ I believe this is a great way to start this New Decade & celebrate the 7 Nguzo Saba principles of Kwanzaa during Black History Month! If you agree then


This is my exclusive & selective invitation to you, Millionaire Myron Golden (author-known for his work-from...


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This is- CRAZY GOOD!

I'm a CRAZY GOOD- Affiliate! I don't just jump into anything, so trust me, THIS is awesome!

Let me SHARE & ENJOY the GOOD LIFE Together!  (Safe & Empowering for Children 13 & older as well)

Visit or CLICK on LINK: http://www.crazygood.com/refer/imani

You can also listen in on Our Wealth Circle's Conference Call at

at 9:00pm Today 1/19/11 (MORE TIMES listed below) 218-895-3193  Access Pin: 116972#  ( We can also do a private conference calls with you &/or your friends)

In addition, here is a video, see the monies being paid to Charities, and this is just the begining! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iyzzxOcyOY&feature=player_embedded

This is an affiliate program not an MLM, if you would like to join with Imani in our Wealth Circle, please email me  Travelsforless@yahoo.com or call me at 800-805-4614 ASAP to confirm, and by the ingenuity of Millionaire Myron Golden in honoring the Laws of Prosperity, we will pay your $10.00 to Join, and guide you step by step on the path to earning $100,000 in 90days, for something you and your friends are doing anyway!


Today's WORDS from Mr. Motivator-Kemp Satchell himself,

I have never seen

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I have never signed up 47 people

in a couple of hours...


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Happy New Year! Celebrate "IMANI" Kwanzaa POWER principle of FAITH! 1/1/11



The 1209 Yacht Affair- CLIP

 HAPPY NEW YEAR w. Party Hats!

Here's to the NEW YOU!
 Best Wishes for 2011, this NEW DECADE & Beyond!!! 

Habari Gani?! (What is the News?!)


DAY of Harvest "New Fruit", Abundance & Wealth!

COME & JOIN us today for the Grand Royal Finale of KWANZAA Celebrations 5:00pm-9:00pm at the The Uptown Juice Bar Vegetarian Restaurant 54 W. 125th St. NY, NY which will be moving to a NEW Location very soon,  has been feeding the Harlem Village, national & global visitors for almost 2 Decades!  Imani's Creations & Entertainment, Inc. will highlight events, showcases, etc, we've been honored to host at this special venue over the past decade, and Special Memorial to our Ancestors.  

As today 1/1/2011 ushers in a BRAND NEW decade, it prepares us ALL to move to HIGHER LEVELS!  If you want to energize, empower your Re-solutions, Visions for you &/or your Family, this is the place to be!

As Dr. Leonard Jeffries declared, over these past few weeks, the Spiritual path & priesthood has been set for the New AfriKan Renaissance

for us inHEADSHOT- Dr. Jeffries Senegal, W. Afrika with Spiritual Leaders, Scholars, Heads of States, Wyclef Jean, etc., over these past few weeks, is symbolic of our rejoining with our Ancient Greatness here in the WEST, from death...


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