ImaniTravel invite 4/23 to NYC Financial Empowerment Event

APRIL IS -National Financial Literacy Month

Sat, April 23, 2016 You're invited to be a Special GUEST of Imani TRAVEL & Partners at this BIG EVENT!

This Exciting event will feature FIVE of the TOP $100K EARNERS of PAYCATION TRAVEL, they will share HOW to GET PAID to TRAVEL, HOW to TRAVEL at WHOESALE RATES, HOW to MAXIMIZE on TAX BENEFITS of a HOME- BASED BUSINESS, HOW to SAVE on your ESSENTIAL SERVICES & MUCH MORE! Become more Financially Intelligent about HOW to get MORE VALUE for your money, that you're already spending, so YOU can KEEP MORE MONEY in your POCKET or extend usage of your currency, and not continue depriving yourself of goals you'd really like to achieve in this Life!

Guests will enter Free.  

GUESTS RSVP ASAP or by 4/22/16 with ImaniTRAVEL via. Facebook event page or email amazingtravelagent@gmail.com

or Call 800-805-4614  to confirm


Partners $15- adv/$20 @door

For MORE info &/or RSVP CLICK HERE or Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1075203842536516/


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This is- CRAZY GOOD!

I'm a CRAZY GOOD- Affiliate! I don't just jump into anything, so trust me, THIS is awesome!

Let me SHARE & ENJOY the GOOD LIFE Together!  (Safe & Empowering for Children 13 & older as well)

Visit or CLICK on LINK: http://www.crazygood.com/refer/imani

You can also listen in on Our Wealth Circle's Conference Call at

at 9:00pm Today 1/19/11 (MORE TIMES listed below) 218-895-3193  Access Pin: 116972#  ( We can also do a private conference calls with you &/or your friends)

In addition, here is a video, see the monies being paid to Charities, and this is just the begining! - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iyzzxOcyOY&feature=player_embedded

This is an affiliate program not an MLM, if you would like to join with Imani in our Wealth Circle, please email me  Travelsforless@yahoo.com or call me at 800-805-4614 ASAP to confirm, and by the ingenuity of Millionaire Myron Golden in honoring the Laws of Prosperity, we will pay your $10.00 to Join, and guide you step by step on the path to earning $100,000 in 90days, for something you and your friends are doing anyway!


Today's WORDS from Mr. Motivator-Kemp Satchell himself,

I have never seen

such an overwhelming response and

I have never signed up 47 people

in a couple of hours...


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Happy New Year! Celebrate "IMANI" Kwanzaa POWER principle of FAITH! 1/1/11



The 1209 Yacht Affair- CLIP

 HAPPY NEW YEAR w. Party Hats!

Here's to the NEW YOU!
 Best Wishes for 2011, this NEW DECADE & Beyond!!! 

Habari Gani?! (What is the News?!)


DAY of Harvest "New Fruit", Abundance & Wealth!

COME & JOIN us today for the Grand Royal Finale of KWANZAA Celebrations 5:00pm-9:00pm at the The Uptown Juice Bar Vegetarian Restaurant 54 W. 125th St. NY, NY which will be moving to a NEW Location very soon,  has been feeding the Harlem Village, national & global visitors for almost 2 Decades!  Imani's Creations & Entertainment, Inc. will highlight events, showcases, etc, we've been honored to host at this special venue over the past decade, and Special Memorial to our Ancestors.  

As today 1/1/2011 ushers in a BRAND NEW decade, it prepares us ALL to move to HIGHER LEVELS!  If you want to energize, empower your Re-solutions, Visions for you &/or your Family, this is the place to be!

As Dr. Leonard Jeffries declared, over these past few weeks, the Spiritual path & priesthood has been set for the New AfriKan Renaissance

for us inHEADSHOT- Dr. Jeffries Senegal, W. Afrika with Spiritual Leaders, Scholars, Heads of States, Wyclef Jean, etc., over these past few weeks, is symbolic of our rejoining with our Ancient Greatness here in the WEST, from death...


Tags: abundance, artists, celebration, children, commuinty, dinner, drummers, faith, family, food, friends, fruits, gifts, griots, harvest, juice, kwanzaa, love, marketplace, newyear, openmic, singers, support, vegetarian, visions, wealth

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11/20- at BLACK GOLD-a Celestial Journey in MUSIC, POETRY & FASHION w, Mfundishi, Imani & Nadi & others!!!


Imani's Creations & Entertainment, Inc.

You are invited to attend a Special Event! 

if any problem viewing  flyer visit www.imaniScreations.com

CORRECTION!- Admission is $5- less
 at the Door!-  Pay only $15- & $7.50 if performing!!!

$10-Advance tickets are available up until 7:30pm at BLACK GOLD more info call 1-866-270-3170





Come & Take a Celestial Journey with us during a...  


 Night of Music, Poetry & Fashion! 
Nadi, Mfundishi Jhutyms , Imani Scott & Guest Performers

that adorns & Heightens your Divinity, Beauty & Power!
Clothing Designs by Mfundishi- Black Gold
Jewelry Designs by Imani Scott- Imani's Creations
Bola's Boutique
Marilyn's NY Boutique

Sat, Nov 20, 2010
$10- adv/$15- @Door
*50% off Price if Performing in Open-Mic  (Positive Vibes Only)
*$5- adv. up to 7:30pm & $7.50 after 8:00pm!

BLACK GOLD Sacred Kultural Healing Center 
 70 W. 125th St  3rd Floor
(Malcolm X & 5th Ave)


Fill out our Survey at the event &

be eligible to WIN a Special Gift!


Kultural Gift Shop on site, with Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Artifacts, Holistic Books, Dvds, Crystals & Great Gift items, etc 

& Special Kick-off LAUNCH...


Tags: art, artifacts, artist, beauty, crystals, culture, edutainment, egyptian, empowerment, enlightment, entertainment, fashion, fun, history, jewelry, kemet, kulture, leisure, music, poetry, travel, wealth, wisdom

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The VACATIONS you've been WAINTG for...



The Holiday's are over and now is the time for the vacation you've been waiting for. So grab your favorite beach chair and join us at N.A.M.A as we show you how to plan the perfect  lOW or NO COST Voyage/Vacations, while receiving the Rolls Royce treatments for your family, friends and of course yourself!

Thursday night will be full of information to make 2008 the most prosperous year of your life. Please plan to join us and be sure to bring some friends!!!

Host: Imani's Creations/ Traverus Travels
Location:  New Amsterdam Musical Assoc. (N.A.M.A)
107 W 130th Street, Harlem, NY 10027 US

WhenThursday, January 24, 7:00PM


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