Sun 4/19 TRIBUTE for Dr. Ben- Imani SINGS again!

Imani sang a SPECIAL vocal tribute of "Wind Beneath My Wings" on 4//9/15 at Dr. Ben's wake held at Abyssinia Baptist Church, and will perform it again at this Special TRIBUTE Event in honor of our Beloved Elder Dr. Ben.  Imani's Creations & Entertainment will also have a Special display table this celebration on 4/19/15 at the National Black Theatre. Luv to see you there!

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12/20-21: LECTURE, TOUR & WINTER SOLSTICE Celebration!

You are invited to join us for a POWERFUL WINTER SOLSTICE WEEKEND!
Imani's Creations Handmade PYRAMIDS, GEMSTONE JEWELRY, CRYSTALS,  will be available for purchase during the Lecture event on Dec 20, 2014 from 3pm-7pm!
 CLICK LINKS FOR MORE INFO &/or to PURCHASE DISCOUNT TICKETS for the MULTI-MEDIA PRESENTATION Sat, 12/20 3pm-7pm http://centerformaat.com/navigation_bars/Lectures.html  &/or
MUSEUM TOUR & Celebration Sun 12/21 11am- 3pm   http://centerformaat.com/Museum_Tours.html 
SUNDAY, Dec 21,2014 at 2:00pm SHARP! Winter Solstice Celebration & Ceremony!
Official Convocation for the Shrine of Ma'at. Join us during our Winter Solstice celebration. A Tribute to Ausar! FREE to ATTEND but please RSVP to info@centerformaat.com 

Tags: accessories, ancient egypt, ast, ausar, auset, christianity, crystals, events, gemstones, healing, heru, horus, jewelry, kemet, lecture, museum tour, osiris, pendulums, presentation, pyramids, sale, showcase, solstice, winter, workshop

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11/20- at BLACK GOLD-a Celestial Journey in MUSIC, POETRY & FASHION w, Mfundishi, Imani & Nadi & others!!!


Imani's Creations & Entertainment, Inc.

You are invited to attend a Special Event! 

if any problem viewing  flyer visit www.imaniScreations.com

CORRECTION!- Admission is $5- less
 at the Door!-  Pay only $15- & $7.50 if performing!!!

$10-Advance tickets are available up until 7:30pm at BLACK GOLD more info call 1-866-270-3170





Come & Take a Celestial Journey with us during a...  


 Night of Music, Poetry & Fashion! 
Nadi, Mfundishi Jhutyms , Imani Scott & Guest Performers

that adorns & Heightens your Divinity, Beauty & Power!
Clothing Designs by Mfundishi- Black Gold
Jewelry Designs by Imani Scott- Imani's Creations
Bola's Boutique
Marilyn's NY Boutique

Sat, Nov 20, 2010
$10- adv/$15- @Door
*50% off Price if Performing in Open-Mic  (Positive Vibes Only)
*$5- adv. up to 7:30pm & $7.50 after 8:00pm!

BLACK GOLD Sacred Kultural Healing Center 
 70 W. 125th St  3rd Floor
(Malcolm X & 5th Ave)


Fill out our Survey at the event &

be eligible to WIN a Special Gift!


Kultural Gift Shop on site, with Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) Artifacts, Holistic Books, Dvds, Crystals & Great Gift items, etc 

& Special Kick-off LAUNCH...


Tags: art, artifacts, artist, beauty, crystals, culture, edutainment, egyptian, empowerment, enlightment, entertainment, fashion, fun, history, jewelry, kemet, kulture, leisure, music, poetry, travel, wealth, wisdom

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Imani & Snr Semahj JOY-ARI (Jewelry) & TRAVEL Showcase at the STUDIO of PTAH!


JOY-Ari (Jewelry) & TRAVEL Showcase!
Sat, April 3, 2010 
 Adm: FREE
 Door Prizes, Presentations & Open Mic!
FLYER- Jewelry Showcase at SO PTAH 
Problems Reading Above? Here's More Details in Text Below!
Location: STudio of Ptah
                 Pyramid Showroom: 55-59 Chyste St. Suite #408
                    Directions:   D or  B  Trains to Grand St.
Open House Featuring:
JOY-ARI  (Jewelry), Ceremonial, Empowerment   & Leisure Services from:                                                                                                        
Baaba Heru Semahj                                                                   Abut  I mani  Ast Ra Amen                       
www.SoPtah.com                                                                                       www.Imaniscreations.com
Travel & Leisure                                                                                           www.Imani.eTraverus.com 
 Special Theme: Spring   & Bridal  JOY-Ari  & Launch of  Leisure Services!
Other Activities:
LIVE TAping for Cable Show- "Kemetic Legacy Today" 
TRAVEL to Kemet FREE!!! Learn HOW!
Turn Your Vacations into PAYcations! 
Light  Refreshments on SALE!-  by Baaba  Pa-ur
Peace & Blessings -  Please pass it on,
Imani C. Scott
(646) 201-4548
Imani's Creations, Entertainment & Leisure Services.
all with the purpose of Empowerment!

Tags: accessories, bridal, egypt, free, jewelry, kemet, open mic, presentations, travel, vacation

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