12/20-21: LECTURE, TOUR & WINTER SOLSTICE Celebration!

You are invited to join us for a POWERFUL WINTER SOLSTICE WEEKEND!
Imani's Creations Handmade PYRAMIDS, GEMSTONE JEWELRY, CRYSTALS,  will be available for purchase during the Lecture event on Dec 20, 2014 from 3pm-7pm!
 CLICK LINKS FOR MORE INFO &/or to PURCHASE DISCOUNT TICKETS for the MULTI-MEDIA PRESENTATION Sat, 12/20 3pm-7pm http://centerformaat.com/navigation_bars/Lectures.html  &/or
MUSEUM TOUR & Celebration Sun 12/21 11am- 3pm   http://centerformaat.com/Museum_Tours.html 
SUNDAY, Dec 21,2014 at 2:00pm SHARP! Winter Solstice Celebration & Ceremony!
Official Convocation for the Shrine of Ma'at. Join us during our Winter Solstice celebration. A Tribute to Ausar! FREE to ATTEND but please RSVP to info@centerformaat.com 

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8/4-5 Imani SINGS & Vends at Kemetic NEW YEAR Celebration!

  • Imani Scott SINGING & Showcasing an array of her Healing, Cultural and Empowerment Products (Sacred Gemstone Jewelry, Crystals, Pyramids, etc) & Services at this awesome Weekend Event hosted by the Temple of Anu!   Please Come on out & Enjoy yourself, be Rejuvenated and Support this beautiful occasion at this Kemetic NEW YEAR Celebration Event  Sat!!!!
  • Very Easy to travel from New York City! 
    So excited about this year's Wep RenPet - one of the most significant holydays of the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) calendar! Starting the weekend with a concert featuring Imani Scott, Nadi Burton and Stephen Wise means Saturday is going to be off. the. chain!! If you haven't heard the music of these three incredible artists, definitely check them out. We're spending our afternoon on Sunday in devotional time to the NTRU of RenPet: giving offerings of flowers, fruit, money, and energy - chanting, drumming, and dancing - invoking the presence and blessings of our Ancestors - reflecting on what it means to walk a path of Maat - receiving divine words of inspiration...

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